Friends & Liebster Peeps – Great Post

My blogger blog, Andrea Reads and Reviews was also nominated for Liebster by Argyle Doll. In the post I nominated several animal lover blogs.

One nominee was Three Pugs by Stella Rose. The pug answered my questions and she did a beautiful job.  Fun and funny. Stop by and read Stella the Pug’s answers.  Broaden your horizons and laugh.

Laughter and love from me. And my 2 pugs, 1 bug, 2 parakeets, the collective fish, 1 terrier mix, 1 shih Tzu and one beautiful Corgi, poodle, sheltie mix. We are not as funny as Three Pugs but sometimes we get the giggles and sometimes someone pees.

P.S. All family members are rescued and adopted except the Tzu. Chester came to the family via a step sister to help fill my broken heart after I had to let my dear Pepper go after 17 years.  I can say that I often talk about the family in My other blog, I Love Dogs and Animals.

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