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Review: Forbidden Kiss by Shannon Leigh

Fresh and Enchanting – A Timeless Story with a Happy Ending – Finally! 
Some stories are timeless. How many ways can the enduring love between Romeo and Juliet be told? Definitely one more time.
Author Shannon Leigh is a fresh and exciting new author. Forbidden Kiss, her retelling of the Shakespeare classic stands on its own merit. The tragedy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet now has the happy ending the lovers deserve. 

Leigh introduces readers to a determined Jule Casale and a driven Rom Montgomery. Rom has lived centuries after his ‘death’ trying to overcome the curse that brought him back to life without his beloved Juliet. No longer a love struck boy, Rom is a man on a mission searching for forgiveness and salvation. 

Jule is on a mission as well. She seeks respect in her academic world of art. Her quest to uncover the artist of a unique masterpiece of Renaissance art brings her to Rom’s door.
The centuries and a different world have changed Rom and Jule. No longer star-struck young lovers but mature adults, initially they do not recognize the eternal love they share. 

They begin a journey seeking the series of paintings by the artist that brought Jule to Rom’s door. Let the mystery, adventure, betrayals, attraction and perhaps eternal story of love begin!

Forbidden Kiss will delight Romeo and Juliet lovers as it parallels and stays true to the original telling. “But come what sorrow can, it cannot countervail the exchange of joy that one short minute gives me in her sight.” If romance, paranormal, mystery and action books are your cup of tea – this book delivers.

I have had the privilege of reading upcoming releases of Shannon Leigh’s work. She just gets better. Look for more from Leigh through Entangled Publishing.  RecommendedFor more visit: Author Shannon Leigh 

I recommend Amazon Prime.  I really Do!


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I Am Back & I Missed You

Sometimes life throws a curve ball or you get knocked out by a SHOTPUT
I am on the road from “Shotput to the head” recovery (figuratively not literally) and here I am. I missed you and hope you return to our blogging relationship after my timeout.

And if you want to buy a house I have a well-loved, beautiful one for sale. Missing the bookcase already


I miss my bookcase already.  It is so empty but now I am searching for a new place and bookcase.


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