Many Monday Plans Meme 10/28/13

Many Monday Plans. My Monday Meme. What the heck am I going to do this week? Time for a plan. Oops, I should have done that last night – make a plan I mean.  You can participate in Many Monday Plans – Monday Meme.
  • List 7 planning to do items. (It is a seven-day week)
  • Share with your friends.
    List one TIP to share.
  • Enjoy your week.
  1. Finish Review.
  2. Errands. Blog. Post review.
  3. Take pictures for my Craft Blog! So Many Crafts.
  4. Create Cone Trees for craft fairs.
  5. Read. Update Santa pattern and select fabric. Sew.
  6. Read. Write review. Crafting.
  7. Read. Pack boxes and move to garage.

My Tip for the week. Do you have an item that has an odor but can’t be washed? Place a small bowl of vinegar and the item in a container.  The vinegar will remove the odor. If you have musty smelling furniture drawers, you can use a bowl or vinegar saturated newspapers.

My silly tip. A nap can cure anything for and hour or two. My tip is take a nap.

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