Many Monday Plans – 10/7/13 Monday Meme

Many Monday Plans. My Monday Meme. What the heck am I going to do this week? Time for a plan. Oops, I should have done that last night – make a plan I mean.  You can participate in Many Monday Plans – Monday Meme.
  • List 7 planning to do items. (It is a seven-day week)
  • Share with your friends.
  • List one TIP to share.
  • Enjoy your week.
  1. Give my sad heart some care. Clean bonus room. Finish review.
  2. Errands. Blog. Post review.
  3. Take pictures for easy peasy wreath #2.. New Meme coming (and I don’t mean this one). Get With the Craft Blog! So Many Crafts.
  4. Write a Review. Read. Update Santa pattern and select fabric. Sew.
  5. Read. Prepare for craft show. Sewing & more.
  6. Read. Pack boxes and move to garage.Take a hot bath.
  7. Design new craft show display. Take a nap. A girl just wants to have fun.

My apologies for not completing my reviews.  My dog Jelly Bean was sick and I spent time with her before I finally took her to the vet to ease her pain.

Book reviews are still awaiting my brain and fingers.

My Tip for the week. Use old socks on your hand to dust.

My silly tip. Sorry, not feeling very silly right now.


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6 responses to “Many Monday Plans – 10/7/13 Monday Meme

  1. Anonymous

    Goof plan! Enjoy your week

  2. If I read that right, I’m very sorry for your loss. I have a herd, it’s never easy.

  3. we are so sorry for your loss,it breaks my heart every time I have to say good by to my babies,xx Rachel

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