Feature & Follow Friday 10/4/13

friday feature followWhat its all about!

Gain new followers and make new friends with the Book Blogger Feature & Follow! If this is your first time here, welcome! You are about to make some new friends and gain new followers — but you have to know — the point of this hop is to follow other bloggers also. I follow you, you follow me.

RULES: 1. (Required) Follow the Follow My Book Blog Friday Hosts Parajunkee & Alison Can Read (Required) Follow our Featured Bloggers. This weeks Featured Blogger is Attic Reviews.

2. Put your Blog name & URL in the Linky thing. You can also grab the code if you would like to insert it into your posts.

3. Grab the button up there and place it in a post, this post is for people to find a place to say “hi” in your comments and that they are now following you.

If you are using WordPress or another CMS that doesn’t have GFC (Google Friends Connect) state in your posts how you would like to be followed

4. Follow Follow Follow as many as you can, as many as you want, or just follow a few. The whole point is to make new friends and find new blogs. Also, don’t just follow, comment and say hi. Another blogger might not know you are a new follower if you don’t say “HI”

If someone comments and says they are following you, be a dear and follow back. Spread the Love…and the followers. If you’re new to the follow Friday hop, comment and let me know, so I can stop by and check out your blog!

This Weeks Question: What book (or TV show or movie) have you not read that seemingly everyone else has?
Believe it or not! I have never read the Harry Potter books. Years ago I was helping a friend’s son with his read requirement – the first book.  And the section we were reading bored me out of my mind. 

I have never watched Breaking Bad on TV. I know, I know but I haven’t watched much TV.  I just watched The Walking Dead until the show was featured in entirety in a 4th of July Marathon.

 Thank you for following Me!


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5 responses to “Feature & Follow Friday 10/4/13

  1. HP is great! You should really take the time to read it sometime. I actually watched the first 2 or 3 seasons of Breaking Bad, but it was at a time where I was bored and needed something to watch. When people talk about the great characters and such, i get it, but overall, I was pretty underwhelmed. there was nothing that made me a die hard fan and made me want to come back for more. I seem to be one of few with that opinion, though. 😀 Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend! 😀

  2. Hi! New follower! I haven’t read Harry Potter either. 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved Harry Potter 🙂 Breaking Bad…I have a love hate relationship with that one. I am a new follower 🙂
    Brittany @ Spare Time Book blog

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