Review: Overtime 1 – Searching & Overtime 2 – Turning

Overtime 1 – Searching by Yvonne Jocks.

She awakes astride a horse with no memories and wearing only a man’s jacket. She learns that the serious Jacob Garrison found her naked in a creek bed. He covered her with his coat and is returning as trail boss to his cattle with her in tow.

She becomes Lillabit, pretty, smart and totally unprepared to handle everyday activities. Lillabit is independent but doesn’t know how to ride a horse or start a fire. Her language shocks Garrison and the cowhands. Garrison, his partner Benji and all but one evil cowhand watch over her as they take Lillabit with them to the next city.

When Garrison leaves her at an army fort and Dodge City her modern ideas get her mistaken for a prostitute. She is jailed and retrieved by an angry Garrison upset that he has harbored a woman of ill repute. Lillabit meets another man, he has not lost his memories and knows her. She is Elizabeth Rhinehart and somehow they have traveled back in time to the 1870’s.

Overtime 1 – Searching is the first of a 4 part series.

Overtime 2 – Turning continues the adventures of Lillabit and Jacob Garrison. Lillabit regains her memories and asks a favor of Garrison. He does not believe in time travel but he takes Lillabit to Colorado to meet with three scientists that have traveled back in time as well.

Jacob Garrison is sexy, protective with a strong sense of right and wrong. Lillabit learns that she is pregnant (yes something happened in Overtime 1 – Searching).  Jacob returns to see Lillabit, he comes to ask her to stay with him but changes his mind when he sees not only is she well cared for but wants to go home.

Lillabit must decide whether to return to her time or stay with Jacob. A small spoiler, she stays and we will have more of Lillabit and Jacob in Overtime 3 – Slipping.

Overtime is written in first person the author will draw you into the everyday world of the old west. Yvonne Jocks is an excellent research and a talented author with a gift for writing highly readable stories. She also writes as Evelyn Vaughn.

As a Kindle release Overtime 1 – Searching was #1 in Time Travel Romance and Western categories for free downloads in March 2013. Why? Because fans of Jocks writing and her alter ego Evelyn Vaughn like me were ecstatic about a new release.

Writing as Evelyn Vaughn her book A.K.A Goddess won Romance Writers of America RITA award for Best Novel With Strong Romantic Elements.

Be aware of mature content involving sex scenes in both books.

Some of Ms. Jock’s earlier works are westerns without the paranormal feature. The feature Jacob Garrison’s daughters.
Rancher’s Daughters Series:
Behaving Herself (Rancher’s Daughters)
Rancher’s Daughters: Forgetting Herself
Proving Herself (Rancher’s Daughters)
Explaining Herself (Rancher’s Daughters)

Books by Evelyn Vaughn

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