Downton Abbey and Public Television

As always,hooray for PBS. If for no other reason, Sesame Street. And I watch PBS a lot: Nova, Nature, Antiques Road Show, Live Concerts of War and Heart, on and on.

Somehow I rarely watched Masterpiece Theater. At the beginning of this year I started to hear about Downton Abbey.

When I tuned in to Downton Abbey I was hooked immediately. I went on-line to to view all the episodes. I am now a rabid Downton fan.

Season 1 begins with an idyllic life for the Crawley family in Edwardian England. But the sinking of the Titanic leaves Downton without and heir. Succession now goes to Matthew and his mother Isobel, part of the ‘new’ middle class. We meet the Earl and his American wife, married for her money. Their three daughters, Mary, Edith and Sybil. The dowager countess Violet.

The servants include the strictly by-the-book Carson and head housekeeper Mrs. Hughes. Devious O’Brien and Thomas the footman. Mr. Bates is the new valet, Daisy a scullery maid, Anna and Branson the Irish chauffeur.

I love the soap opera-ish drama, the view into a different age. The characters are three-dimensional. And the creator Julian Fellowes has killed off some major players bringing me to tears.

Yesterday PBS had a special hosted by Angela Lansbury, Downton Abbey revisited. New viewers are brought up to speed. Behind the scenes interviews. But most importantly if you donate $200.00 or become a sustaining member of $16 a month you can get all 3 seasons of the series on DVD and a special on High Clere Castle where the series is filmed.

But wait, there is more! For a limited time your donation will get you the entire Season 4 on DVD. After the premiere episode in January you will be shipped the entire season before it airs.

Not only is this a remarkable and unprecedented offer but you can feel good about yourself by donating.

And I encourage you to donate.

If you have never watched Downton Abbey, give it a chance. Let me know if you loved or hated. Who is your favorite character? Other than the marvelous Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess of Downton who do you like? I am enamored with the entire cast and show, however my favorite couple is Sybil and (gasp) Branson.

Below is a link to join Amazon prime. I point this out because as a prime member you can watch episodes for free.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

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