Review: The Never List by Koethi Zan

This is why I review and read reviews. The Never List is now on my TBR (too be read) list.

The Lit Bitch

Every girl has a list of ‘nevers’ that they follow to keep themselves safe.

Never walk to your car alone late at night. Never accept an open drink from a men you don’t know. Never get into cars with strangers. Never, never, never.

Everyone’s never list is bound to be different. For me the cardinal rule is never get into a car with strangers and that is the same rule that best friends Sarah and Jennifer violate one fateful night.

Sarah and Jennifer have a lengthy list of ‘nevers’ that range from avoiding natural disasters, to avoiding rape and kidnapping. Their never list has served them well all the way up into college until one night they decide to take a cab.

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